Countries With The Healthiest Diets

The cuisine is a central part of any culture. After all, we are what we eat. Different cultures have developed different preferences when it comes to food, and that has made some much healthier than others. Here are the top 5 countries around the world with the healthiest diets.

1. Spain

Spain, much like most other Mediterranean countries, is deeply rooted in fresh ingredients. Spaniards love their tapas, which is a fresh appetizer often consisting of various cured meats, cheeses, and fresh vegetables. 

Another reason why Spaniards are among the healthiest people in the world is portion control. The whole idea of tapas revolves around small portions of finger food that’s quick to prepare and even easy to consume. You won’t find too many heavy, processed foods on a Spanish dining room table.

2. Greece

Known for its seafood, olive oil, and yogurt, Greek cuisine is closely related to that of Spain when it comes to sourcing fresh ingredients. Greeks like their fish, as well as various cheeses with feta cheese taking center stage. 

Salads packed with legumes and olive oil are the core of Greek cuisine. That being said, this history-rich Mediterranean nation also likes their meats. Gyros is a healthy meal that’s popular all throughout the region under different names.

3. Iceland

Compared to the first two countries on our list, Iceland looks like a different planet altogether. This small nation doesn’t have a cuisine as diverse as that of Greece, but it is still among the healthiest nations of the world. Most Icelandic cuisine revolves around fresh fish and other seafood. 

Icelanders are active people who tend to eat only as much as they need. That being said, dealing with the hard environment of Iceland allows the people of this country to easily deal with fatty foods.

4. Vietnam

Vietnamese cuisine is something else. The people of Vietnam put nutrition first. You’ll find that most Vietnamese dishes include rice or noodles paired with fresh vegetables and fresh meats. The cuisine in this part of Asia in general is geared towards easily digestible dishes that contain a wide range of ingredients.

Once again, portion control plays a major role when it comes to the overall health of a nation. Vietnamese aren’t known for overeating as they enjoy a fairly dynamic lifestyle.

5. Japan

Japan has gone through a transformation, just like most of the first world countries. This has affected their cuisine as well. Despite the proliferation of processed foods, the majority of Japanese cuisine is still rooted in whole foods and healthy meals. 

The Japanese love their fish, as well as healthy meats, but also seaweed, mushrooms, and a whole plethora of other foods that aren’t commonly found outside Japan. Such a diverse diet has allowed Japan to become one of the healthiest nations in the world. 

Create Your Own Diet 

Picking a few meals from each of these nations’ cuisines is a great way to try new dishes and stay healthy at the same time. Every country has a dish that is easy to prepare with ingredients readily available all around the world. Don’t build borders around your kitchen. Instead, let yourself taste the world!